Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten

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Not Forgotten is one of the Pinnacle Weapons introduced with the Forsaken expansion and is obtained by completing a lenghty questline in the competitive playlist. Not Forgotten is a heavy-hitting 150 RPM hand cannon that deals solar damage. One of the many pinnacles known in the crucible that brings absolute domination within the playlists. Not Forgotten is Luna's Howls big sister due to the fact that this gun MAPS people! It has one of the highest range stats when it comes to handcannons and can only obtained by getting 300 Luna's Howl kills and reaching the Glory Rank Legend within the survival playlist. Although originally a 180 RPM handcannon prenerf, it still has the intrinsic perk Magnificent Howl just like Luna's Howl. Once you have this gun in your hands you can experience what it feels like to be at the top.


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