Secured Service

Are recovery services safe?

We are aware that account recoveries involves a certain amount of trust as you are required to hand over your account to a complete stranger. But don't worry!

"Why should I trust GuardianProxy?"

We are fair and professional

Our customer's security and privacy is our #1 priority

SSL certified

Securing our customer's information is our number one priority. The website is SSL certified ─ all data is encrypted and information cannot be modified or redirected.

Code of Conduct

At GuardianProxy we have strict rules and guidelines for our team members while they are on your account. All our pro players must sign a comprehensive Code of Conduct Agreement before joining our team to guarantee you a professional and ethical treatment of your account.

Registered Company

We are a public entity and our reputation is what keeps us in business. Our company is officially registered in Denmark where rules and regulations are heavily enforced to ensure proper business conduct and transparency is highly promoted.

Check us out here :  GuardianProxy Pte. Ltd.


One of the best ways to gain legitimacy is through previous customer's reviews. How did they experience our service? Were they satisfied?
After a completed order we always encourage our cusomer's to leave a review.


 So YES, purchasing an account recovery at GuardianProxy is safe! 

And if you are still not sure, or simply want to play yourself - but need help, most of our services include a Sherpa option where no detail-sharing is necessary.
Our support team is always online and ready to answer your questions via the live chat, Facebook or at