Traveler's Chosen

Traveler's Chosen

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With the new seasonal questline Exodus: Evacuation in Season 11, brings the new exotic Traveler's Chosen. Now don't be fooled, this gun SLAPS! Unlike it's unpopular uncommon sibling, this 300 RPM sidearm comes with The Gift of the Traveler perk that grants you back energy for ALL your abilities! But wait... there's always more! Getting kills with this sidearm gives it stacks of Gathering Light, while you have said stacks active upon deleting enemies you now have increased reload speed, handling AND target aquisition *cough* AIM ASSIST! Consuming more stacks of Gathering Light at one time gives you more Gift of the Traveler ability energy. You thought Drang was your favorite sidearm? Yeah nah, this will replace that and best part, you don't have to rely on RNG to get this God Rolled weapon ;)!

Must own the Shadowkeep DLC


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